Bareback Booty
Wishful thinking
The sunset as seen from Ethan’s tractor


tbh hearing people down mares because “they’re moody” and then hearing the same people talk about staying home from school/work because their period made them feel completely awful and they didn’t want to do anything makes me laugh.

if you can have days where you feel like shit and don’t want to do anything, why is it such a horrible thing for a mare to feel the same way?

Gotta love Gidget


So it’s that time of the year again. URL inspired graphics time. (here’s all the ones i’ve made so far!)

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Inette was really not into taking a selfie with me

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Throwback to winter. If she wasn’t so furry she’d be skeletal.
horses--are-my-life: Inette is lucky to have had someone like you working with her, it must be really hard selling her but like you said it'll be best for her. Good luck on your school year :)

Thank you so much. That means the world to me. Good luck in all of your ventures :)

horses--are-my-life: Hi, I saw your post about inette. And I cant buy her because I'm like broke but I just wanted to know why youre selling her?

I absolutely adore Inette and she’s my perfect match in a lot of ways.

But I’m a senior this year and in super hard classes, I’m working 2 jobs, and running track. I barely have time to go to the barn. And Inette needs lunch grain every day, and the barn we’re at doesn’t do that. In addition, my mom doesn’t let me pay my lease in the winter. I’m sure Ethan would still let me ride, but regardless, I really just don’t have the time to get her to her full potential or even keep her in shape.

A small part of it is also that when I got her she was this super green project horse who couldn’t canter, held herself like a giraffe, barged through jumps, and forgot she had a hind end.

I’ve gotten her to the point that she has this fabulous movement and can easily jump way higher than I’m comfortable jumping without a trainer.

To be honest, when I told Ethan to sell her I just really wanted a change in my life. And most of the time I know that selling Inette is best for her, but sometimes I break down and want to keep her.

queen-arab: Hi! Inette is very cute(: where is she located? And how much are you asking? Thanks!

Newtown, Pennsylvania. She’s listed for $1,800, but at this point I’m sure Ethan would take a lot less. She was supposed to be off property by the time I went back to school.

Because my nails looked really good with Kat
Everyone say hi to “Kat”

He came off of the track last month and I’ll be working with him. Tomorrow I will ride him for the first time since he left the track