Bareback Booty
Need a new url

Mine is supposed to refer to the stains on your butt from riding bareback, but honestly I feel like people just take it to be dirty because like half my followers are porn blogs.

Also I’m probably done riding bareback for a bit if I get a new pony.

Any ideas???????????????????

Inette and I having a discussion about whether or not she was going to jump this.
all-roaned-out: That wasn't the Cowtown Rodeo in your video was it?

Yeah it was :)

Any ride with her could be my last and that’s really scary. I just hope she finds someone who loves her as much as I do.

So Inette is probably leaving Sunday or so as long as the lady who wants her likes her. So I’ll have my last ride on her tomorrow.

The barn manager just got a thoroughbred straight from the track and jokes about him being my new jumper prospect, so I may ask of I can play with him until I find something.

I think I’ll probably just go to the sales because I want a major project horse, and I’m really not finding that while shopping online.

Apparently I’ve been spelling my horse’s name wrong for my entire life. Whoops.

I’m currently evaluating my cat’s conformation. I’ve officially gone off the deep end.

Five year old anglo arabian that I’m probably going to go look at. I’m kind of excited, but looking for a new horse makes me feel so guilty.
She’s perfect <3 She’s also for sale so someone should buy her.
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